About Us

Padawan Pins is from one fan to another.

My name is Savi and I started Padawan Pins in 2019 in order to create meaningful pieces to share and make friends to surround myself who also enjoy this galaxy far, far away. I manage the whole business beginning at creating and editing the designs, all the way to personally packaging and shipping your items.

Padawan Pins was directly created due to the inspiration of Ahsoka Tano, as I personally resonated with her character in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" as Anakin Skywalker's padawan learner. The concept of the padawan from episode 6 of season 5 (5x06) really encapsulated my feelings and direction I have for this shop. As the force guides padawans to their kyber crystal and that crystal powers their lightsabers, it also resonates to center and balance the wielder as they find their place in the force. This is the same key motivation I have in Padawan Pins as I continue to grow and learn in order to find my place and balance. 

I am beyond grateful for every person who has supported this shop from buying our designs, following the social media, and liking and sharing my designs. It STAYS with me. Padawan Pins has come a longer way than I ever expected. From humble doodles on office paper to making so many friends with fellow creators, collectors, and fans alike, I appreciate being able to share all of this with you.