The Bad Batch Set

  • The Bad Batch Set
  • The Bad Batch Set
  • The Bad Batch Set

“Clone Force 99, informally known as "The Bad Batch," was a clone commando squad during the Clone Wars. The squad consisted of four clone troopers designed with genetic mutations. "Crosshair," a clone with eyesight and marksmanship that allowed him to excel in long distance firefights, "Wrecker," a reckless clone with enhanced muscular form, and "Tech," a clone with enhanced mental capacity and intelligence. They were led by Clone Sergeant "Hunter," a clone with enhanced sensory abilities. Following the crucial Battle of Anaxes, Advanced Recon Commando Clone Corporal CT-1409 "Echo" joined the unit."

-All 5 pins are included in this set
-2 inches tall each design
-Plating: Zinc alloy
-Hard enamel with screen printing details. (Forgot to mention the screen printing on the details picture)
-Double posted for security.